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tuesday treasury: father rabbit limited

today's tuesday treasury items come from father rabbit limited. a shop filled with wonderful things for your home, garden & your little ones! so much good stuff all in one spot. i'm in love!


indoor tabletop water garden

.photo by radmegan on flickr.

since it's winter time here in portland i have been longing to get back to gardening but it's still to cold to break out the old gloves and shovel. this little tabletop water garden project from in words & pictures looks like the perfect thing to fulfill my gardening itch. also, i know i will have no trouble finding moss to decorate it, there is no shortage of moss here in oregon! i think i might document my take on this project in photos and share it on the blog sometime this month. it's going to be fun hunting around the neighborhood for little nature treasures!


happy friday friends!

this weekend there might be a small chance that portland will get some snow. i'm keeping my fingers crossed but not my hopes up. oregon weather can be so unpredictable! the photo above is of my son back in 2008 when portland got a pretty good amount of snow. i really hope we get another storm like that sometime this winter. it was so much fun!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



simple and beautiful objects

i heart zakka! there are so many wonderful items in this shop!


we love our dumbo rats








had a little photo session with our rattie boys yesterday. carl, oswald, and farley are such sweet pets, we love them dearly. they each have such wonderful unique personalities!


floating on a cloud

lovely cloud cutting board via mouta shop.


photo of the day

.by anja mulder on flickr.


put it on your wall

so in love with the retro design and look of string's pocket wall shelf. available in many differnt colors here!


tuesday treasury: ben javens

find more of ben's work at his shop eye spy!


the woody wood rug by YLdesign

i need this rug!


a tribute to my hometown


tuesday treasury: kitschcafe vintage




(click on photos to visit product page)


here are just a few of my favorite items from kitschcafe's vintage etsy shop. they have some really great finds!


pin it forward: what home means to me

 yay today is my day to pin it forward! pin it forward is the second installment of blog it forward put together by the lovely victoria of sfgirlbybay. this time around victoria has teamed up with pinterest! what is pinterest you ask? it's an awesome new visual bookmarking tool, where you can save images you find on the web and organize them into inspiration boards. it's super fun and a great aid for us bloggers out there. here is a peek at some of the boards i have started!

now it's time to share with you "what home means to me." also, don't forget to check out the schedule to see what other bloggers are pinning it forward today!


oregon is the state i call my home. i've lived here 5 years and plan on never leaving this beautiful place! pin via ohsobeautifulpaper

i love coming home taking a deep breath, kicking off my shoes and enjoying a good book and a nice hot cup of coffee. it's the little things that make me really happy. pins via williamdohman, seenandsaid, stumptown coffee, factory20.

the lovely smell of fresh baked bread, warm soup on a cold winter evening, flavorful herbs growing on the windowsill. they are all things that always make me think of home. pins via prettyand, sfgirlbybay, troski-ask, beverlyhsu, paleandinteresting, sunday suppers.

the seasons here in portland, oregon are fantastic! spring and summer are my favorite times of the year. i love heading down to the farmers market to grab fresh fruit and veggies each week. knowing where my food comes from and connecting with the farmers that grow it is really special to me. pins via ben mcleod, blubirdvintage, etsy, ohjoy, honeyandjamphotos.

to me home is about enjoying the simple pleasures, living every moment like it's your last, and loving like your cup is overfilled! pins via tina lee studio, sacredlotus, decor8, sacredlotus, violetjulia.


next on the pin it forward schedule is cyn from dog river prints. make sure to stop by tomorrow and see what home means to her!


for the love of coffee...

this industrual felt coaster set ($16) featuring "coffee four ways" is freakin fantastic!

i'm also quite smitten with these roller derby rollerskate tea towels ($20). you can find these awesome items plus much more at girls can tell!